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Uproot Cleaner Pro Pet Hair Remover, 5" Portable Lint Roller, Dog & Cat Hair Remover

Uproot Cleaner Pro Pet Hair Remover, 5" Portable Lint Roller, Dog & Cat Hair Remover

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Keep your clothes fresh! Keep your dress clothes clean this spring! The Uproot Cleaner works great on most clothes. Keep Pet Hair Off Your Carpets- Indoor and Outdoor! Keep your guests and your fluffy friends happy with a clean home! Keep unwanted dust, debris, and dirt off your rugs, indoors and outdoors! Hanging String to Help Stay Organized! You spoke, we listened! Our updated handle comes equipped with a string to make it easy to hang on any hook. Fit it on your closet door, or even in your laundry room. No need for clutter!
  • Reaches deep for the most embedded hairs - The Uproot Cleaner Pro is a powerful pet hair removal tool that can easily reach deep into the most embedded hairs, whether on your couch, pet tower, carpet, car, or coat. It saves you time and energy by quickly removing even the most stubborn pet hair and leaving your fabric looking new again.
  • Special Multi-Fabric Design - Our special multi-fabric edge design sets us apart from other reusable pet fur remover products. We've addressed the one common complaint shared by pet owners by creating a pet hair removal tool that keeps your fabric intact. You can use it as a carpet hair removal tool or even as a cat hair remover for clothes!
  • Infinitely reusable - The Uproot Clean Pro pet hair scraper utilizes no consumables like batteries, sticky rolls, or vacuum bags, reducing your environmental footprint. The carpet hair remover could be used as reusable lint scraper for pet hair which is also budget-friendly. Buy once - Enjoy for life.
  • An easy, satisfying time-saver - Using the Uproot pet hair remover is easy and satisfying. Just take the portable lint roller and pull it across the affected area. When done using the carpet scraper for pet hair, just throw away the collected "treasures". Also it's great as a dog hair remover for carpet or animal hair remover for furniture!
  • Dedicated to making pet-loving lives easier - The Uproot pet hair removal tool makes every pet owner's life easier. Gone are the days of disposable lint rollers, sticky tape, and frustration. The reusable, sustainable, and effective hair rake  saves you time and energy, while getting the job done well. Try the uproot pet hair remover today and experience the difference!
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